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E idWhat is e-ID?

e-ID is an electronic identity document which you use to identify yourself online. It is a personal document,

just like a driving license or your regular ID card. By using e-ID, you can sign and approve documents

online. A signature by e-ID is as legally binding as a signature by hand.

At last you can finally avoid filling in and signing those awkward paper forms. e-ID makes it simpler and

safer for you to carry out online transactions. e-ID contains your personal information and together with a

personal security code, you can identify yourself online as if you were using a regular ID card or your


You can use e-ID to secure log on to the internet, when you shop online, also when you use the online

governmental services like the municipality, the Tax Office or your healthcare provider.

Where do I get e-ID from?

In different countries there are different e-ID issuers, who could vary from authorities to banks or

telecommunication companies.

The age limit depends on the issuer.

e-ID as a data file or a smart phone app?

e-ID is issued either as a data file or as a smart phone app. In data file the e-ID file is stored in your PC or

laptop while in case of using the app; the data is server-based stored.

e-ID benefits at a glance

 Log in, identify yourself, sign document electronically and securely.

 No need to show up in person, print sign or send any papers.

 One solution for every online service: governments, banks, insurance companies, etc.

 A smaller digital key: on many usernames and passwords.

 High security: No risk of signature forgery or ID theft.

Good security Smaller digital key Varity of platform

Data protection

Are you who you say you are? e-ID monitors and confirms this. Think of your name, address, date of birth

and possibly your National number, these data are stored securely and are not shared without your


The government and companies have agreed on strict requirements on safety and reliability of

logging. Only organisations that operate in accordance with these agreements may use e-ID.

e-ID technical information:

e-ID always starts by a physical ID assurance where the applicant pay an one-time visit to the issuer’s

premises to identify himself/ herself and get an activation code for the e-ID app or software.

Then the e-ID is ready to be used by the user anytime he/ she logs in a website that is using this function.

Any organisation could use the e-ID service by agreeing with the issuer and the e-ID processer, whereas

the processer serves as a link and data monitoring and confirming between the issuer and the organisation.



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